Mobility scooters

If you have limited mobility, an electric mobility scooter is a ticket to freedom. One does not have to rely on other people.


Buying a mobility scooter

The decision which mobility scooter to buy is not easy. Scooters come at a serious price and choosing a good one will give you pleasure for years.


But buying the best mobility scooter is different for everyone. Because not everyone has the same needs, one is not able to say which mobility scooter is best. As a consequence, not everyone is buying and driving the same mobility scooter. By filling out your needs at one easily choose the best mobility scooter by comparing all deliverable mobility scooters suiting your needs.


One should ask the right questions to ensure that one will buy the mobility scooter that best suits the needs. At first make one should make a preference list.

When buying a mobility scooter it is important to determine what your specific preferences are.


Basic preferences for a mobility scooter.

One should answer for example, the following questions :


  • Should the mobility scooter be easily transported? If yes, choose a foldable scooter to fit the scooter in the trunk of the car. Also choose one which is not to heavy?
  • Will the scooter be used indoor or outdoor? When mostly indoor use, please choose one with low turning radius and easy maneuverability. Also a bit higher on its wheels (threshold freedom) might be a good choice. When using outdoors, more stability and more speed will to be good options to look at (mostly 4-wheel).
  • Is often traveled by public transport and should the mobility scooter along? Choose a mobility scooter that is not too heavy.



Other questions to look at are for example:


  • What is the maximum speed of the mobility scooter?
  • Comes the scooter with an automatic speed limiter?
  • Is the scooter large enough to enjoy a relaxed ride with straight legs?
  • How is the steering?
  • Is the operating panel easy to read?
  • How many functions and are the necessary ones available?
  • What kind of suspension on the front and rear wheels?
  • What kind of seat? Is the seat ergonomic, with (air) lumber support?
  • Is something like cruise control and an emergency stop button a must have?
  • Does the scooter have good lighting and a clearly audible horn?



Fill out the preferences in the search tool at

Enter the desired properties of the search tool (small light blue box top right of this page) or at the homepage. If needed please click extended search for a mobility scooter and fill out the desired fields.


And then choose the right mobility scooter and make an appointment with the shop selling the scooter it. It is that easy.



Please be careful though: ask acquaintances to assist you and ask for a test ride.

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